Key-chains made from bike chain; @Coil enabled site: micro-donate with block-chain and other digital assets! Our Story – Buffalo Tough Chains

Our Story


 Tough Chains was forged in remembrance of

Michael Jay Pawelek Jr. 

Creator of the original “Tough Chain” Key-Chain.

Linking the world with the power of connection.

 As we stare into our phones, it is often said we have "lost connection" with the real world. But new technology can help power connections that aid in the growing effort to help families who are struggling. 

Our goal is to help connect communities with our Biker keychains. Then we can link everyone online @

Help us connect and link people that share the passion for their communities. 

The digital age is upon us.  Get Connected NOW!

Learn how Block-chain and Digital Assets can help your organization.


Start collecting Micro-donations today!

@Coil enabled website.


Connecting communities. 

Empowering families.

We are a for-profit company. Gift Box sets sold for Organizations receive 50% of proceeds of online sales. Connect your organization for Fundraising and we’ll be happy to assist you.