Key-chains made from bike chain; @Coil enabled site: micro-donate with block-chain and other digital assets! Learn about Micro-donations – Buffalo Tough Chains

Learn about Micro-donations



@coil coil enabled website monetization micro-donation

Any micro-donations will help host this website and help supply bike chain to create more "Tough Chains" - Made from real bike chain. You can even buy with our key-chains with BTC or other Digital Assets!

What is Web-Montezation? 

“Coil uses an open API called Web Monetization in order to pay sites in real-time via Interledger protocol (ILP). This way, sites can securely provide rewards to any users who have Web Monetization enabled, creating a self-sustaining economy”

      In order to start Micro-Donating using @Coil. Visit their website and sign up to join their subscription service to start making micro-donations.  Each time you visit a website that is @coil enabled you will automatically donate a small amount of XRP tokens to their @XrpTipBot wallet.  


“Whether you are a blogger, YouTuber or regular content creator you can now accept streaming payments in digital assets like XRP, BTC or ETH via Coil.“

       Start using Coil to monetize your web page content in a few easy steps!

Here is the guide on how to set up your own website with @Coil Enabled Micro-donations using @Xrptipbot