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Learn about payments options


      Digital assets are an easy way to monetize your website automatically with no third party payment processor like PayPal or Visa/Mastercard.

There is a simple way to receive direct payments or donations from specific digital assets like Bitcoin.

BTCpayJungle is a platform that will host your payments for digital assets.  You need to create an ID and login to connect your wallet to the processor. 

You can have access to your wallet addresses from two ways:

Option 1:  Download Electrum from and follow instructions to upload to your main Mac or PC. This wallet will physically hold your BTC with a 16 word "Seed".  Write down and remember your seed. It is the only password that can access your wallet directly. Now You can access your Master public key or Extended public key to connect your store to BTCpayJungle. 

Option 2: Buy a Nano ledger S and plug in your computer while logged into 

After adding your BTC wallet, each additional Digital Asset will have its own assigned wallet addresses where you can access your funds.